Pony Express

Pony Express

The creative practice of Pony Express (Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair) explores eco-sexuality – a nascent queer identity that considers the environment as an erotic partner. Glorious invites the viewer to peek into a queer portal and witness a fantastical transgression of the plant / human binary. This is a glimpse into a more than human future. The performance reimagines the mutually consensual pleasure of submission and dominance, between root and hole, the earthbound and the body.

Glorious takes its inspiration from the controversial acquisition of the historical Gosnells Glory Hole by the Western Australian Museum. Glory holes are often found in gay cruising beats, such as public restrooms. These partitions act as clandestine theatres to unseen rituals and anonymous spectacles. Pony Express posit these sites of eros, experimentation, and underground expression as valuable, culturally relevant artefacts.

The Work

Glorious  2019

Performance documentation:  single channel, HD moving image, wooden door, monitor.
Duration 25:40 min, looped
Courtesy of the Artists

About the Artists

Pony Express is an experimental, Live Art duo led by Ian Sinclair and Loren Kronemyer. Through their pandrogynous collaborative process, Pony Express work across platforms of media art, performance, video and transdisciplinary research. Creating immersive alternate realities that reflect themes of adaptation, global weirding and the slow apocalypse. Presenting in a diverse array of traditional and non-traditional venues and cooperating with communities, organisations and subcultures at the forefront of environmental futures.

Pony Express focus on queer ecologies and nonhuman politics to build worlds that trouble the ethical landscape of the present day. Works include: Ecosexual Bathhouse (Next Wave 2016, VIC; LiveWorks Festival 2017, NSW; The Perth Institute of Contemporary Art 2017, WA; Dark MOFO 2017, TAS; Santarcangelo Festival 2017, Italy; Forum of the Futuro 2017, Portugal; 8th Inter-format Symposium on Rites & Terrabytes 2018, Lithuania). Tentaculum (Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies and Constance ARI 2017, TAS). Sixth Wave (Underbelly Festival 2017, NSW). Exhibitions include: Radical Ecologies, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, WA; The Conversational Cosmos, Westspace, VIC; Future Projects, Brunswick Street Gallery, VIC; Eco Femmes: Next Nature, CP Projects Space, NY; Fecund: Fertile Worlds, Artback, NT.  Current commissions include Raft of the Medusa, Climate Century, Vitalstatistix, 2018; Epoch Wars, CultureLab, ArtsHouse 2019 and seasonal tutoring (MFA, Performing Arts) at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, 2018-2019.

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