Diana Scherer

Diana Scherer

Over the five years German artist Diana Scherer has collaborated with botanists and ecologist at Nijmegen’s Radboud University in The Netherlands. Studying the intricacies of grass root systems, the artist has developed and refined her cultivation methods to produce innovative fabrics for wrapping and clothing the body.

Under grow lights in her studio, Scherer cultivates beds of oat and wheat grass spread over a variety of synthetic matrices. The domestication process takes about two weeks from seed to harvesting. Nurture and nature result in an exquisite fibrous lace that opens up future possibilities of sustainable materials.

The Works

Rootbound #4/1  2018
Rootbound #2  2017
Rootbound #3/1  2018

Colour inks on Hahnemuhle paper

Courtesy of the Artist

About the Artist

Diana Scherer is a visual artist living and working in Amsterdam.  She is born in Lauingen Germany  and studied fine art at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Her practice encompasses photography, material research, plant root-weaving and sculpture. Over the past years she has exhibited in several international solo and group shows. Recent shows include Hyper Rhizome Gallery Droog Amsterdam, Earth Matters; Textile Museum Tilburg, Art & Science Exhibition Tasis at the National Museum Beijing, Springtide; Photography Museum Rotterdam and  Fashioned from Nature at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and Shenzhen. She published two books at Van Zoetendaal Publishers; Nurture Studies 2012 and Mädchen  2015.

Scherer explores the relationship of man versus his natural environment. Through her installations she examines the boundaries between plant culture and nature. What does “natural” mean in the Anthropocene and is man not also  nature or a parasitic species on the rest of  his environment? For the past few years her fascination has been focused on the dynamics of underground plant parts. She has been captivated by the root system, with its hidden, underground processes. Her longterm project Exercises in Rootsystem Domestication originated as an art project with an intuitive approach has also developed into an innovative material research. Working on this project Scherer shifts between disciplines, from design to art, craft and science. To develop the work she collaborate together with biologists, engineers and designers.

InterWoven has been honoured by the New Material Award Fellow . The New Material Award is a biennial prize organised by Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam that challenges artists and designers to develop sustainable materials and innovative technologies.

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