As you may be aware, the ACP recently announced that it would go into a period of hibernation in order to stem financial losses and protect a legacy for the future. Since the sale of its property at 257 Oxford St (Paddington) in 2014, ACP has been operating in variety of locations and it has attempted to develop a profitable business model. With the loss of all public funding in 2019, the ACP Board of Directors determined on 18 November 2020 that it would cease operating its exhibition and workshop programs.

The ACP Board has begun the process to determine the most appropriate form this direction should take by consulting members of Australia’s photography community to gauge ideas. We would greatly appreciated your input through this questionnaire in the first instance.

With an annual fund of between $60,000 and $75,000, what type of model do you think the ACP could develop to continue to support photography in the future.

  • A fund to support exhibitions of Australian photography, residing in a public art museum or gallery
  • A fund to support senior photographers in their practice with a significant prize ($60,000 to $75,000)
  • A fund to support scholarships for artists studying photography and wishing to develop a career in photography and lens-based media
  • An acquisition fund to support the purchase of Australian photography in an Australian art museum or public art gallery
  • A partnership or collaboration with a private foundation that would enhance the value of the award and support its long-term goals
  • Are there other models that come to mind?

Do you have any questions about the ACP and what is happening now?

Do you have any other comments regarding a future model for supporting photography in Australia?

Please email your response here