Honey Long + Prue Stent

Honey Long + Prue Stent

The earth is a big wet body upon / inside which there is an endless number other wet bodies, containing their own set of endless wet bodies too. Because they are wet bodies matter flows through them and between them. They breath, eat, rub, kiss, excrete each other. Locked in exchanges, which mould and mingle their forms. Not many people feel comfortable acknowledging their wet bodies, leakage is not so desirable. Especially in a female body, which is encouraged to be sealed. HONEY LONG + PRUE STENT

Growing up around the coast in Sydney, Long + Stent have always been drawn to making work with their bodies and water. They see it as a way of accessing and acknowledging the seepage between their inner/outer bodies, as well as being connected to the surrounding environment. Primarily the artists focus on the female body, making a direct physical connection with the sea and life-giving fluids – be it amniotic, menstrual or breast milk.

The Works

Salt pool, 2019
Scallop, 2017
Slipper limpet, 2018

Colour inks on paper

Pond body III, 2018
Pond body IV, 2018

Blown glass, rocks, pigmented water

All images courtesy and © the artists and ARC ONE Gallery, Melbourne.

About the Artist

Since 2010, multidisciplinary artists Honey Long + Prue Stent have collaborated on projects across photography, performance, installation and sculpture. They are emerging artists interested in challenging representations of the feminine. Their unique contemporary practice has been recognised worldwide, with their work shown in Los Angeles, Zurich, Rome, Tokyo and New York, as well as across Australia.

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