Chris Bennie

Chris Bennie

‘’Mood swings‘ signals my reflection of the potency of water to act on my body in physical and psychological ways.’ CHRIS BENNIE

Chris Bennie has spent a lifetime in the water, immersed in it, comprehending its viscosity and buoyancy. He surfs and swims daily either in the murky waters of northern New South Wales rivers or estuaries, chlorinated pools or the salty ocean. The sensation of water on his skin is essential and addictive, nurturing all aspects of his existence. In River, he playfully tosses his body then falls with gravity through the air into the flow of the Shoalhaven River. Reversed and looped, one is captivated by his energy and lulled into the moment. Coupling River with images of a chaotic moon and the still pools of lilies only accentuates the rhythm of his body. Conceptually, Mood swings points to greater universal forces that actively influence our psyche – our emotional responses shifting with the moon. It is a trilogy of temporality, tranquillity and random physicality.

The Works

Mood swings, 2017


Single channel, digital moving image, with sound. Duration: 7:31 min loop


Two channel digital moving image. Duration 2:31 min loop


Single channel, moving image.Duration. 3:19 min loop

About the Artist

Chris Bennie lives close to the ocean in Mermaid Beach, Queensland. Working across installation, moving image, electronic music and painting Bennie has been in national and international group exhibitions, including The Orebro International Video Art Festival, Orebro, Sweden (2008). He is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, receiving support from the Australia Council for the Arts (2013). In 2014, Chris researched tsunami-affected communities in Japan as part of an Asialink Residency at Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo. He also undertook an artist’s residency in 2018 at Sam Rit in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

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