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While the boundaries between the real and artificial rapidly collide, and early science-fiction inventions are no longer stories on a page but aspects of our reality, this exhibition presents photography and moving image caught between the predictive past and imagined future. Synthetic invites the viewer to consider our relation to and understanding of technology, time and the natural world.

Emanating from a visual synthesis with ideas and aesthetics associated with sci-fi, cybernetics and hauntology, the images in Synthetic are a combination of different propositions allowing the viewer to consider the power of the photographic image to envisage what Isaac Asimov and Robert A. Heinlein called ‘future history’, a not so fictitious narrative history of our future.

Claire Monneraye

Exhibition Details
ACP Gallery, 21 July – 26 August 2017


Imaged Future: science fiction, our dark mirror is a panel of leading-thinkers across literature, photography and performance to discuss the importance of visually experiencing the imagined future and its role as critic of our present and appraiser of our future. Listen to art critic Dr. Andrew Frost, science fiction author Krissy Kneen, curator Bec Dean and artist Adam Norton.

Exhibition Partners
The Imagined future forum was supported by UTS Media Arts and Production, School of Communication at the University of Technology, Sydney.

The work Post Natural History (Archeology of the Future) by Vincent Fournier is presented in partnership with Perth Centre for Photography and has been produced with the support of Institut Français, Ambassade de France en Australie, PCP and the Department of Culture and the Arts, Government of Western Australia.

 With thanks to Galerie pompom, Sydney and Stills Gallery, Sydney.