International Projects: Magic Spaces

International Projects: Magic Spaces

Today Art Museum, Beijing, China. 

25 February – 20 March 2011 

Curated by Binghui Huangfu and presented in partnership with the Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics at the University of NSW, Magic Spaces was a multimedia exhibition in which Australian and Chinese artists reflected upon the theme of cultural re-imagination. 

In the age of globalisation, particularly one facilitated by burgeoning network technologies, there is a growing exchange in commerce, visitors and ideas between Australia and China that has resulted in significant changes for each respective country. The project wished to create a space for Australian and Chinese artists to engage, connect and interact to find new forms of expression for this changing world and imaginatively explore our inter-cultural relationships. 

It featured the work of Fiona Foley, Richard Goodwin, Ian Howard, Owen Leong, Russel Lowe and Catherine Nelson (from Australia); Dan Er, Miao Xiaochun, Ni Youyu, Qui Anxiong and Zhuang Hui (from China).