In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams

Jessie Boylan | Alejandro Cartagena | Samuel Gratacap | Tanya Habjouqa | Taloi Havini | Samsul Alam Helal | Maria Kourkouta | Johnny Miller | George Osodi | Raphaella Rosella | Andres Serrano | Sim Chi Yin | Zhao Liang | Mary Zournazi

The divide between rich and poor is widening, conflict and climate change are forcing people from their homelands, displacement and homelessness are on the rise. Despite social and technological advances, for many people in the world access to a good quality of life is proving more and more difficult. In this exhibition, fourteen international artists explore the impact of inequality on individuals and communities from diverse corners of the globe.

In Your Dreams includes photographic and film-based works made by artists from Australia, Bangladesh, China, France, Jordan, Mexico, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and the US. The people and communities depicted in the exhibition are not generally seen in popular representations of twenty-first century societies, their complex situation relegated to the “too-hard” basket by media consumers unaffected by the harshest impacts of inequality of wealth and opportunity.

Felicity Fenner and Cherie McNair

Exhibition Details 
UNSW Galleries, Sydney, 6 January – 7 April 2018


Listen to the International Women’s Day 2018 panel of photojournalists, film-makers and social commentators offer unseen perspectives on inequality and the vital role of female creatives in presenting the everyday realities of women and their families across the globe.

Prof. Vera Mackie, with artists Raphaela Rosella, Tanya Habjouqa and Mary Zournazi. 

Johnny Miller, Papwa Sewgolum Golf Course, 2018. Courtesy of the artist

Installation images Courtesy and © Silversalt, 2018.

Presenting Partners

Presented in partnership with the UNSW Galleries in association with Sydney Festival, UNSW Centre for Ideas and the Grand Challenge on Inequality.