Hiromi Tango – Dust Storm

Hiromi Tango | Dust Storm

31 May – 17 August 2014 

Hiromi Tango’s new installation is immersive and colourful. Combining photography, video and vivid soft sculptures, Tango explores the therapeutic qualities of art. Sharing her intimate experience, Dust Storm invite to wonder what memories are made of.  

Interested in the therapeutic qualities of art, Hiromi Tango has created a colourful and immersive installation that explores the impact of light and colour on psychological healing processes. The series of photographs and video work presented in Dust Storm are signs of the artist’s cathartic process that started when the 2009 dust storm swept across NSW and Queensland. In the space, a surprising sculpture of light is sheltering tactile soft-sculptures made of fabric, thread, personal objects, donated letters and diaries. In combining materials from the past with new layers of yarn and fibre, Tango suggests that memories belong as much to the past as to the present. Light and colours are both soothing and harsh, suggesting that in a therapeutic process the boundaries between comfort and pain are indistinguishable. Re-engaging with times of personal despondency, Tango shares her experience of finding a path towards personal resurgence through the artistic process.