Gohar Dashti – Imagining Iran

Gohar Dashti – Iran

11 April – 7 June 2015

Iranian photographer, Gohar Dashti was only eight years old when the First Persian Gulf War between Iraq and Iran ended in 1988. Like many Iranians, her earliest memories are inevitably confused with war whose consequences are still deeply inscribed in her mind.

Featuring selected works from her series Today’s life and war andIran, Untitled, the exhibition reveals the complexities of Persian society and how past history, wars and revolutions permeate contemporary social structures, individual and collective human psyche.

Today’s life and war shows a couple in a series of everyday activities. Embodying the power of perseverance, determination, and dignity, the images symbolically exposes the durable influence of war on future generations. Shot in an unidentified landscape, the imaginary and incongruous scenes of Iran, Untitled are like intense and revealing glances at a constantly changing and diverse society. Curated and presented in collaboration with Head On Photo Festival