Under The Sun

Under The Sun

Peta Clancy | Christopher Day | Destiny Deacon | Michaela Gleave | Nasim Nasr | Sara Oscar | Julie Rrap | Khaled Sabsabi | Yhonnie Scarce | Christian Thompson | Angela Tiatia | Kawita Vatanajyankur | Daniel Von Sturmer | Justene Williams | William Yang

For this large scale exhibition, Under the Sun: Reimagining Max Dupain’s Sunbaker, ACP invited fifteen artists to create new works in response to the iconic Sunbaker by revered Australian photographer Max Dupain.

Through a diverse range of immersive and thought-provoking works, the exhibition explores views of our culture, our identity and our nationhood. Reflecting Australia’s multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-faith nature, this audacious exhibition enables a creative and often very personal exploration of the question ‘is there something new under the sun?’

The artists not only interrogate the social and political implications embedded within this image but also challenge the status of this photograph in our visual culture. Pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium, their works expose the aesthetic complexities at play in discussions around collective identity.

Examining the legacy of the past and questioning the relevance this image might retain in the future, the project draws on a range of diverse practitioners and creative forms to consider representation and cultural pluralism. Under the sun also reflects on: the depiction of the idealised body; gender issues; cultural and political ideas relating to immigration and colonisation; and our relationship with the land.

Claire Monneraye

Exhibition Details:
State Library of NSW, Sydney,
Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne, 6 May – 6 August 2017 

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For Teachers

This exhibition is supported by a secondary school learning resource that is closely aligned with the Australian Curriculum:

  • The Arts: Drama, Dance, Media Arts, Visual Arts
  • Humanities and Social Science: History, Geography, Economics and Business, Civic and Citizenship, ATSI Histories and Culture, Asia and Australian’s Engagement with Asia

Listen to individual artists speak in depth about their response to Max Dupain’s Sunbaker: