Shadow land: Anne Ferran

Shadow land: Anne Ferran

Shadow land: Anne Ferran 2014-15 

Shadow Land is a survey exhibition on respected Australian photo-media artist Anne Ferran, a leading figure in the arena of contemporary photography for three decades. 

Ferran’s 1980s investigations into the representation of femininity have become landmark images of the period. Her later works excavate gaps in the social and historical record, especially where they concern the incarceration of women and children. These paradoxically beautiful works, drawing on museum collections, archives and historic sites, are ghosted by the unheard and the unseen. 

The exhibition includes many of Ferran’s most significant projects, including her early, landmark series Carnal Knowledge (1984) and Scenes on the Death of Nature (1986) and more recent work including Box of Birds (2013) and the artist book Prison Library (2014). 

Shadow Land reveals an artist who has made a significant contribution to the development of the photographic medium in Australia and beyond. 

The exhibition was accompanied by a publication of the same name produced by Power Publications, University of Sydney. 

Exhibition Details 
ACP Gallery, 8 November 2014 – 18 January 2015 

Exhibition Partners 
Presented in association with the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, WA.