New worlds

New worlds

Catherine Nelson | Polixeni Papapetrou | Bronek Kozka | Gerard O’Connor & Marc Wasiak | Alexia Sinclair

While the Australian continent is one of the oldest landmasses on earth and is home to the longest continuous culture on earth, paradoxically, it is considered by many as one of the youngest new worlds. For many thousands of years it was a land undisturbed by the western world, avoiding discovery by global maritime explorers. For immigrants  – initially from Europe and now from all corners of the globe including Asia – it is still regarded as a land of hope and optimism.

 Today, Australia is a richly multicultural society with a creative culture and increasing confidence looking both inward, to its ancient indigenous heritage and outward, to its diverse international roots. Embracing digital technologies, it’s photo-media artists are simultaneously at ease with the old and the new in expressing their imagination, as did their forebears when portraying what ‘Terra Australis’ might be like.

Looking back as a means of defining contemporary identity is a device employed the artists in New Worlds. Each independently examine and reference the past – whether using historical pastiche, design, memory or landscape – this rewinding of time inevitably forces us to dissect the present and our subsequent contemplation of the future. As explorers of the psyche and adventurers in a visual landscape of endless possibility they are essentially drawn back to their own personal heritage and interests. Together they create a New World for all to visit, take stock, question and consider the destination where our own journeys may take us.

Exhibition Details
The Museum of Photography, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 28 August – 26 September 2011

Exhibition Partners
The exhibition was created especially for The Museum of Photography, Seoul by the Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney as part of a bilateral exhibition exchange to mark the Year of Friendship between Australia and the Republic of Korea.
Generously supported by the Australia-Korea Foundation, Australian Government, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.