Mystic renegade, the promise of return: Christian Thompson

Mystic renegade, the promise of return: Christian Thompson

Mystic Renegade: The Promise of Return – New works by Christian Thompson combines acclaimed contemporary artist Thompson’s performative photography with text-based works and a video performance. Polari investigates cultural fragmentation and is titled after an underground language most popularly used in Britain between 1930s-1970s in gay subculture. Thompson again takes on the role of model with his traditional self-works complemented by large-scale images of crystals.

Within Eight Limbs, lines of Bidjara create mandala and blossoming mystical shapes in striking black and white and the vanished language is given a real voice by the artist. Thompson balances the spiritual with the most real of human interaction – communication.

Traversing Greek mythology and lost languages, both modern and centuries old, Thompson revives the ancient and mystical into the now.

Christian Thompson is represented by Michael Reid Gallery, Sydney and Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne.

Exhibition Details
ACP Gallery, 31 January – 22 March 2015