Dulce Pinzón – The Real Story of the Superheroes

Dulce Pinzón – The Real Story of the Superheroes 

17 June – 10 July 2011 

ACP is proud to present the Australian premiere of the internationally acclaimed exhibition The Real Story of the Superheroes. The tough realities of Hispanic immigrant life in New York and the heroic fantasy of comic-book characters fuse to create a powerful and humane critique of contemporary global economics. 

Dulce Pinzón argues that the Mexican immigrant workers in New York are a perfect example of the hero who has gone unnoticed. The Mexican economy has quietly become dependent on the money sent by these workers in the US, while, conversely, the US economy depends on the labour of these hard-working immigrants. 

Each photograph depicts a Latino immigrant in their work environment, but dressed in the costume of a popular American or Mexican superhero. Each image is accompanied by a short text including the worker’s name, their hometown and the amount of money they send to their families each week.