Crossroads: Contemporary Russian Photography

Crossroads: Contemporary Russian PhotographySergey Bratkov, Aleksandr Gronsky, Gregory Maiofis, Andrey Polushkin, Oleg Videnin 

Curators: Irina Tchmyreva and Evgeny Berezner 

18 March – 30 April 2011 

Crossroads: the state of choice; a place of empowerment at the point where aspirations and hopes, dreams and memories converge. In Russian fairy tales the most valuable advice was given at the crossing of paths and a promise made there could not be broken. But it was also an equivocal place where evil spirits spent the night and crucifixes were placed there for protection. 

In this exhibition the internationally esteemed curator Irina Tchmyreva presents the work of five leading Russian photo-artists. Each embodies a contrasting direction in contemporary Russian photography. And behind each stands a tradition from which they take their bearings.  

Incisive, elegant and complex, Crossroads offers a rare insight into the rich and varied Russian artistic tradition as it stands at the threshold between a deeply rooted cultural history and an unfolding future.