Photofile 80 - Panic & Paranoia




Photography and the Law

Editor: Alasdair Foster

Will it soon be illegal to take a photograph in public? Heading up this issue of Photofile Martyn Jolly and Katherine Giles sort out the legal fact from the paranoid fiction. Meanwhile Adam Cuthbert highlights the danger of battlefield photography becoming a pornography of violence and Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont satirise the simplistic polarising of good and evil portrayed in wartime propaganda.

Other featured artists include James Geurts who tells of his recent solo trip around the world's equator to create an image that symbolically and conceptually integrates humankind and environment. Closer to home, a poignant series by Angela Blakely and David Lloyd documents the hopes and fears of young Aboriginal people of Mount Isa while experts from various professions argue to pros and cons of US artist Jill Greenberg's controversial images of tearful toddlers. There is, of course, much more besides - an interview with Darren Sylvester, imagery by William Yang, Anne Noble, Bridgit Anderson, Murray McKeich, Joachim Froese and skater-artist guru Ed Templeton. In quieter vein, Helen Ennis reflects upon mortality on the eve of her forthcoming exhibition Reveries.

The Third Degree: we tied William Yang into a chair, shone the desk lamp in his eyes and demanded some answers...

Previews: a critical appraisal of some of the upcoming shows nationally and internationally

Interview: Gen Y oracle Darren Sylvester talks about packaging emotion, risk aversion and the challenge of becoming Kate Bush

Points of View: four perspectives on Jill Greenberg's controversial images of crying children

  • Panic and Paranoia: the Law and Photography in Australia Martyn Jolly and Katherine Giles sort the fact from the fiction
  • 90 Degree Equatorial Project James Geurts unfolds the epic story of making of an artwork that frames the world
  • On Death Helen Ennis reflects on the post-mortem images of Bridgit Anderson, Anne Noble and William Yang
  • We're Talking, Anyone Listening? Angela Blakely and David Lloyd give a voice to the Aboriginal children of Mount Isa
  • Zombie Theory Murray McKeich unleashes a machine-made army of the un-dead
  • Ed Templeton the world's most famous skater-artist searches for physical and emotional extremes
  • Heart of Gold Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont boost morale during the Australian Civil War
  • Warporn Adam Cuthbert destroys all to make his art
  • The Passion of Christ Joachim Froese recreates the great paintings of the Renaissance with his daughter's discarded toy animals

Exhibition Reviews:
Sam Haskins: Portraits and Other Stories at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra / The Anne Landa Award at the Art Gallery of New South Wales / Centre Pompidou Video Art 1965-2005 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney / The Fifth Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Brisbane / Eyes, Lies and Illusions at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne / Zero at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, New Zealand / Chobi Mela IV: Boundaries Dhaka, Bangladesh / Meeting Place Fotofest Beijing 06, China

Book Reviews:
Contact: Photographs from the Australian War Memorial Collection by Shaune Lakin / Paul Thomson: Shards of Silver / Jane Burton: Qui E Li. Here and There / Light Sensitive: Contemporary Australian Photography from the Loti Smorgon Fund by Isobel Crombie

Rant: American writer and academic James Elkins wonders if theorists ever listen to each other

IMAGE © Murray McKeich p-zombie 118x 2006

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