Photofile 76 - Shifting Ground




Editor: Natasha Bullock & Lily Hibberd

Photofile 76 fixes its gaze on the horizon and faraway places as guest editorial team Natasha Bullock and Lily Hibberd explore land and the landscape - one of photography's great themes. From tourism to Wolf Creek, from New Media to ancient wilderness, from the road trip to the war zone the issue takes an unconventional and challenging look at what photographing the landscape means today.

Interview with Simryn Gill. Portfolios by Anne Noble, Dean Sewell, Nick Moir, Michael Langford, Darren Almond, Olafur Eliasson, Darren Glass Wesley Stacey, Conor O'Brien and Derek Henderson. Mungo MacCallum rants ? how politics and the photo opportunity can go horribly wrong.

Previews: The best photomedia exhibitions across Australia

Editorial: Shifting Ground Natasha Bullock and Lily Hibberd look for clues in the landscape

Interview: Simryn Gill invites us into her kitchen to talk about landscape, photography and finding a common ground

  • Pleasurescapes Anthony Gardner reports on unlikely tourist locations and a couple of photographers who have found paradise
  • On the Level Adrian Martin discovers the dark side of Australian cinema in Wolf Creek and The Proposition
  • Landscape and the Renewal of Social Space Kyla McFarlane finds a new generation of artists is re-populating the empty spaces of the nineties
  • Politics, Territories, Control Stephen Gilchrist explores strategies for representing the contested in the work of Luc Delahaye, Simon Norfolk, Michael Riley and Catherine Yass
  • Welcome Stranger! Catriona Moore reflects on what happened when seventies doco met conceptual art in the Australian bush
  • New Media Artists Camp Linda Carroli debriefs David Haines and Joyce Hinterding on their recent trip to Arnhem Land
  • Keeping Our Distance Alasdair Foster on a quest to find the biggest and best in landscape photography
  • Who's Going to Save Me? Felicity Wade takes a contemporary look at the wilderness tradition
  • From Place to Place Danae Mossman discovers the real and the fake Antarctica in the icescapes of Anne Noble
  • Natural Disasters Rod Giblett faces up to the aftermath of bushfire and tsunami in the work of Dean Sewell, Nick Moir and Michael Langford
  • Marks in Time Rhana Devenport sees the work of Darren Almond, Olafur Eliasson and Darren Glass as experiments in time
  • Going nowhere Timothy Morrell takes a road trip through the photographs of Wesley Stacey, Conor O'Brien and Derek Henderson

Exhibition Reviews:
Making Silence at UTS / The Borderline of Photography at QCP / Leica Awards at CCP / Moving Image Project at SALA / Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal / Tracey Moffatt at Roslyn Oxley9 / Monica Tichacek at Artspace / Sophie Kahn and Joel Zika at Spacement / Brendan Lee, Shaun Wilson and Alexandra Gillespie at PICA

Book Reviews:
Margaret Michaelis: love, loss and photography / Perception: The Daryl Hewson Photographic Collection / David Noonan: Before and Now / Scott Redford: ...Surfer's Paradise...

Rant: Mungo MacCallum reveals how pollies and the picfac can go horribly wrong

IMAGE © Anne Noble Wilhelmina Bay 2005 Courtesy of Bartley Nees Gallery, Wellington

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